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    Rules of  this site Empty Rules of this site

    Post  Dylan on Fri Dec 09, 2011 10:51 pm

    Yes I know there is rules. But they are easy to follow.
    *No pornography (bikini shots are accepted)
    *No posting direct links to site please use media fire, megaupload, fileshare, etc.
    *There is swearing please feel free to express your thoughts and emotions
    *You can post youtube
    *No advertising for other sites
    *No giving out peoples usernames, passwords, ips, etc.
    *Please have your username be your name;ie. Dick Hurtz
    *NO taking other peoples names
    *If you have a suggestion or comment for the site please, please ask.
    *Have fun. And use the chat box its there mine as well use it.
    Any violation of these rules will result in losing of site privileges.
    -Thank you

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